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Partnering with Huawei TelOne brings its Enterprise clients Huawei eSpace UC2.0, providing converged, consistent, and high quality mobile office and collaboration solutions for enterprise customers.

The Huawei eSpace Unified Communications (eSpace UC) solution integrates voice, data, video, and workflow technologies, and can be widely used in applications ranging from home offices to large-sized enterprises. Secure eSpace UC devices are available anytime, anywhere to enable enterprise employees to use voice over IP (VoIP), collaborative conferencing, remote training, and office applications. 

Huawei eSpace UC2.0 allows Bring Your Own Device (BYOD) to be implemented, providing functions such as mobile conferencing, mobile enterprise address book, and Wifi network QoS guarantee to effectively improve office efficiency. Different terminals such as PC, PAD, mobile phone, and IP phone can obtain a consistent experience. It integrates VOIP, video, instant messaging, and conference functions to effectively enhance customer perception. The mobile terminal, desktop terminal and telepresence system are fully integrated to build a converged video advantage. Huawei eSpace UC2.0 supports smooth upgrade from traditional communication network to enterprise IMS network, making it seamlessly intergrate with existing TelOne Infrastructure.

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