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Bonus Broadband Bundles Terms and Conditions

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SPECIAL TERMS AND CONDITIONS FOR THE BONUS BROADBAND VOUCHERS (where inconsistent – General TelOne Terms and Conditions apply)

1) Obligations

a) TelOne will endeavour to provide the Customer with the required services following accepted industry practice and as provided in these terms and


b) TelOne will compensate the Customer for any downtime experienced due to a fault on the TelOne network. The compensation will be in the form of Data or

usage extension of internet services, provided the following conditions have been met:

• The fault has been reported and zero usage on the account verified.

• The fault is confirmed to be TelOne-related.

c) TelOne shall offer promotional bundles to the Customer as and when available. TelOne shall have the discretion to withdraw the promotional bundles

after giving the Customer notice of the intention to do so.

d) For Data and related services, the Customer may be required to purchase the necessary apparatus or customer premise equipment such as routers, or

modems to enable TelOne to provide the required service. TelOne will carry out the preliminary assessments and advise the Customer of the requirements of

the particular service and the appropriateness of the apparatus where provided by the Customer.

e) The Customer shall be obliged to immediately bring to the attention of TelOne’s Customer Services Help Desk or Call Centre staff any malfunctioning, fault,

query, or complaint regarding the telecommunication equipment installed or services provided by TelOne, by dialing “950” or any other number that may be

availed to the Customer by TelOne.

2) Transfer of Data

a) Transfer of data before the 30-day window expiry date is only available to TelOne Customers using limited data bundles.

b) The Transferee or customer receiving the data must have an active TelOne account, which was recharged in the last 60 days before the transfer date.

c) Data will only be transferred once, from one customer to another. The receiving customer will not be able to transfer the received data to yet another


d) A transfer of data shall not be reversed once the transfer has been effected successfully from one Customer to another.

e) A Customer may only transfer data twice within each recharge cycle.

f) A Customer may only transfer 5GBs of their data package cap.

3) Rollover of Data – Specific to 50GB Bundle only

a) Data may be rolled over for a period of 15 days after the expiry of the Initial window period for limited data bundles only.

b) Data rolled over to another window of 15 days will be forfeited if not used within the new 15-day window that is the “Rollover Period”.

c) The Rollover Period will not exceed 15 days.

d) Unutilised data will be automatically rolled over in the TelOne systems. If the rollover does not happen automatically, the Customer must urgently advise

TelOne through any one of its various Customer Centres’ or Call Centres for rectification of the system.

e) Customers will not be eligible for further rollover of data once the Rollover Period has elapsed.

f) Data will first be consumed from the rolled-over data, before using any new recharged data during the Rollover Period.

g) A change in the type of data bundle package during the Rollover period will not affect the rolled-over data. The system will first use the rolled-over data

under the current package before using the data under the new package.

h) Top-ups of data will expire after 15 (Fifteen) days from the first date of utilization of the topped-up data.

4) Payments

a) The Customer shall make payments in advance or on or before the due date depending on the nature of service to the Customer, without set-off and free

of any bank charges or deduction. Payment for services may be made in any of the following ways:

b) In cash at any TelOne Customer Services Centre, Exchange, or banking hall; or

c) By cash or cheque deposit into TelOne’s Bank account (to be provided on request); or

d) By cash or cheque deposit using specialized deposit slips provided in any one of the banks with a TelOne bill-payment facility; or

e) By mobile money transfer, internet banking, or POS machine, where such facility is available.

5) Applicable tariffs

a) Tariffs/charges for services shall be as approved by the Postal and Telecommunications Regulator of Zimbabwe (POTRAZ), which tariffs will be provided to

the Customer upon request.

b) Tariffs/charges may be increased as and when approved by POTRAZ and TelOne shall use its best endeavours to give the Customer notice of any such

increase as soon as possible, by advertising in the national print media before implementation.

c) Tariff tables will also be available on the TelOne website or at its Customer Services outlets.

d) If there is a tariff change while a Customer has vouchers purchased under the old tariff, TelOne shall allow existing vouchers to be redeemed at the same

package value before the tariff change, for a period not exceeding 30 days from the date of the new tariff implementation, after which the monetary value

of the voucher will be credited to a Customer’s account and the Customer will be required to top up the difference between the old tariff and the new tariff

for a new package.

6) Suspension or termination of services for non-payment or recharge

a) TelOne shall be entitled to temporarily suspend services without notice if the Customer fails to pay any amount due within a period of thirty (30) days from

the due date. In the event of such temporary suspension of service, the Customer shall still be liable for payment of rental charges for services with such

charge. If the Customer still fails to pay the outstanding amount due for usage and rentals, within a further period of thirty (30) days, TelOne shall proceed to

terminate the services and take the necessary legal action against the Customer to recover the full amount owing as at the time of such termination.

b) If a Customer fails to recharge a broadband services account, (eg. ADSL, LTE, or FTTH), for 30 consecutive days, TelOne shall send a reminder to the

Customer informing the Customer that if the account is not recharged for a further 30 consecutive days from the date of expiry of the initial 30 days, TelOne

shall suspend services without further notice to the Customer.

c) If service is on suspension period at any point in time and the Customer no longer requires the services applied for, the Customer shall be obliged to give

notice to TelOne of its intention to terminate services by signing the relevant termination form or sending to TelOne a written notice of termination of

services. The Customer shall be liable to pay to TelOne any amounts owing as at the time of such termination, for services already provided to the Customer.

d) Failure by TelOne to suspend or terminate services when the Customer has defaulted in making due payment for post-paid services shall not be taken as a

waiver of TelOne’s right to claim all the amounts due for services provided to the Customer.

e) For any other purpose, the Customer may accept notification by email to the email address provided on the Application form for Telecommunication

Services, or to any other email address that the Customer may notify in writing to TelOne.

7) Fair Usage Policy (FUP)

All our unlimited Packages carry a 1 and 2 Terabyte fair use limit which can be adjusted at the discretion of TelOne from time to time.

Below are the detailed Fair Usage Policy details: In the rare event that a customer exhausts their limit, TelOne shall disconnect the customer and the customer has

the option to upgrade their package.


Fair User Policy – US$ Promotional Unlimited Bundles

PackageSpeed (Up To)Usage Limit(GB)Medium of Connection

For detailed terms and conditions please visit our website on


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