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These are landlines used by both business and individual customers. TelOne provides superior telecommunication services in Zimbabwe to different organizations, including: Small and large corporate enterprise. Educational institution. Research organizations. Government and NGO's.


Our range of products and services are designed to assist your business and enhance your calling experience. For Voice Tariffs, click on the Table below:


Voice Tariff

 PeakOff Peak
Onnet Calls  
Landline to Landline per minute (Postpaid)16.5716.09
Landline to Landline per minute (Prepaid)16.5716.09
TelOne VoIP to Landline9.939.60
Landline to TelOne VoIP13.2512.80
VoIP to VoIP    -       -   
Internet per minute (Dial-Up)16.5716.57
Landline to Mobile calls per minute19.27 17.42
Landline to VoIP calls per minute19.2717.42
VoIP to Mobile calls per minute11.599.80
International Voice TariffsPeakOff Peak
Subregional Outgoing Group 1  
                                 Fixed  0.570.43
Subregional Outgoing Group 2  
                                 Fixed  1.361.18
International Outgoing  
Group 1                     Fixed  0.570.43
Group 2                     Fixed  1.361.46
Group 3                     Fixed  2.482.21
Group 4                     Fixed  3.883.48
Group 535.9435.78

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Dedicated Internet Service

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Go global from the most remote places.

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Ku Band
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Ku band satellite delivers a similar service to C band with the exception of its built in resilience to harsh weather particularly rain and wind storms.

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Avanti Enterprise Ka band
Avanti Enterprise Ka band

Ka band satellite delivers a similar service to C band. Ka band solutions are able to mitigate adverse weather conditions and maintain a high level of reliability with its high throughput capability.

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