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<ul><li>The WiFi password be constantly changed.</li><li>The SSID be restricted from broadcasting ( select the hide broadcast option on WIFI configuration settings) hence the customer will then log on to their WiFi as and when they desire, this also eliminates the possibility of other people logging into the customer’s account.</li><li>The ADSL modem be switched off when not in use or when living the premises.</li><li>A final solution if all other options fail would be to opt for an unlimited package or upgrade to next available package</li></ul>

<p>The features that we have are: voicemail, caller ID, call on hold, conference call and call transfer.</p>

<p>Yes, you can. On your next recharge, simply pay for the package you wish to migrate to.</p>

<p>Yes, bills are supposed to be paid monthly. Sometimes delivery challenges cause delays in bills reaching you on time. You can also visit any Client Service Centre near you. Ensure we have your email address for online delivery monthly.</p>

<p>For technical support, billing or enquiries please call our 24-hour Contact Centre on toll free (from landlines) 950 and (024) 2700950 from other networks.</p>