VPN Intercity

Product Features and Description

  • If you are delivering mission critical voice and data traffic you need a high quality transmission solution.
  • We provide innovative backhaul solutions for licensed operators
  • Our service gives you dedicated and scalable high-capacity bandwidth, ideal for a backhaul solution that requires resilient clear channel and uncontended connectivity.
  • We assist you to bridge the physical distance between your Points of Presence (Pops) between major cities and towns within Zimbabwe
  • The service is provided over an Internet Protocol/ Multiple Protocol Label Switching (IP/MPLS) core network.
  • With extensive national coverage, we are able to meet your current and future backhaul requirements.

Target segment

  • Mobile Network Operators, Internet Access Providers and Internet Service Providers.



  • We offer data transfer services that enable real-time information transfer at high bandwidth.
  • With our product you can deliver a consistent experience to your customers.
  • Speed and security levels can be fully configured to meet your needs
  • Scalable – Quality of Service (QoS) enabled and bandwidth can be easily increased as per customer requirements

Why TelOne?

  • As our customer, you can conclude one contract for the end to end solution with a single point of responsibility for ordering, installation, fault management and billing.
  • Our 24X7 support ensures you are always receiving the service you need.


Prices and Quotation

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