ADSL Wholesale

Product Features and Description

  • This is a pure wholesale service which requires a land line at the end-user premises.
  • Offered as a white label service to interested licensed operators


Target Market Segment

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Internet Access Providers (IAPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs)



  • We offer easy access to the broadband market for those without their own transmission and access infrastructure network.
  • Possibility of bundling ADSL with other services like multimedia content, financial services, email and website hosting to create a much more attractive value proposition to customers.
  • Our product lets you offer competitive broadband to help you tap into the growing residential and small business markets


Why TelOne?

  • Our 24X7 support ensures you are always receiving the service you need.
  • Low risk – We offer easy access to the broadband market
  • A high-speed, high-performance broadband service that will transform your customer's online experience
  • Easy and affordable – No need to invest in new network infrastructure, support or maintenance: we take care of this so you can concentrate on winning business
  • Optimum network performance with our 24/7 Customer Support  


Prices and Quotation

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