Leased Circuits

A leased circuit is a dedicated circuit for internet or network access. Some examples are a T1 or E1, either for dedicated Internet Access, or point-to-point T1/E1 for network connectivity to another site. These are common examples, but there are many other options available depending on bandwidth, cost, and other factors.

It is delivered via copper or fibre media from your site to your local telco central office, and from there is patched to your ISP or to your other site(s). At each end is a CSU/DSU to bridge the signal to your router, which provides the routing functions and the conversion between the serial WAN and ethernet LAN interfaces.

The main benefits of a leased circuit are its guarantees; the bandwidth up and down is dedicated and guaranteed, and generally these carry an SLA (Service Level Agreement) from the provider. Oftentimes the circuits are monitored full-time by the provider to meet the SLA. The dependability of a leased circuit therefore is greater than that of other broadband options.