Moving to a new house

If you are moving houses and you would like to transfer your TelOne fixed line all you need to do is fill in an application form to facilitate the process. You will be able to retain your number provided your new place of residence is serviced by the same exchange. A new number will be availed if your new area is serviced by a different exchange.

Please inform us ahead of moving. Once you have your new address advise TelOne so that we can start processing your new application. Advise the Client Services Department on a tentative date to terminate your contract for your existing line. Your bill will be sent to your new address to enable you to pay your bill in time. 

What do I need?
Visit your nearest TelOne Client Services Centre with your National ID  and we will process your application.  If you have TelOne ADSL Broadband  on your fixed line and would like to transfer this to your new line, we will need to conduct a verification process before making the transfer.