International Private Leased Circuits (IPLC)

Product Features and Description

  • We provide dedicated end to end connectivity designed to connect our clients to the rest of the world efficiently.
  • With IPLC our clients easily communicate between offices that are geographically dispersed throughout the world.


Target Market Segment

  • Mobile Network Operators (MNOs), Internet Access Providers (IAPs) and Internet Service Providers (ISPs)



  • This solution is secure, high-quality and cost-effective.
  • Reduce costs by leveraging on our efficiencies from standardized infrastructure and best practice
  • Single point of contact for failure detection, implementation, support and resolution.


Why TelOne?

  • We provide reliable service to enable you to equally guarantee your customers with service assurance and satisfaction.
  • We are committed to meet your unique needs and support your business expansion into global markets through flexible service terms and increased capacity whilst your business expands.
  • Increased visibility, scalability, and enhanced operational efficiency through our reliable network.
  • End to end Service Level Agreements ensure guaranteed installation times and availability.
  • Optimum network performance with our 24/7 Customer Support 


Prices and Quotation

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