TelOne in the Community


Guided by the post 2015 Sustainable Development Agenda, the company has identified specific areas of intervention under its Corporate Social Investments anchored on the need for the empowerment and protection of the vulnerable in society, improvement of quality of educational delivery and the promotion of safe, resilient and sustainable cities.

A specific policy position on the four thematic areas of Health, Education, Social Welfare and Environment has been taken seeing the company running several community development programmes community programmes. The business has further transformed its operations to ensure that it complies with best practises where community impact considerations are always at the core of its operations. This has also seen the company running a vigorous environmental reclamation programme in all areas where operational trenching is being conducted above all the current programmes.

The Programmes


TelOne has continued with the fabrication of litter bins from recycled drums using expertise at the Msasa factory in Harare and Topyard in Bulawayo. To date, a total of 2500 has been donated to local authorities countrywide with at least 1000 more expected to be donated during the course of 2018.

Plant-A-Tree Programme

An additional Tree Planting Programme was introduced in 2017 under the environment thematic area of TelOne’s Corporate Social Responsibility policy. A total of 5 000 seedlings of a variety of trees was distributed and planted across the TelOne operational regions by December 2017. TelOne is looking to strengthen this programme and achieve at least 50 000 trees by December 2018.

Community Health Programme

In line with supporting community health as a social investment theme, TelOne has taken up the opportunity impact lives through supporting construction of community health access clinics as well as material donations to major hospitals. The programmes is expected to impact more districts in 2018.

Social Welfare

The Social Welfare Programme targets specific selected cases for support each year depending on emerging needs affecting various disadvantaged groups. While consideration can be made under special circumstances, the programmes is usually not targeted to benefit individuals.





TelOne works closely with institutions of higher learning where support is often targeted and long-term construction projects. To date 3 Universities have benefitted from the programme with at least 1 university expected to benefit each year until 2020 when the current CSI cycle ends. The company also offer connectivity supports to selected rural schools while also providing material support from time to time.




Also under education, TelOne continues to work with disadvantaged high school students through mentorship and job shadowing. Beneficiaries in 2017 were 100 girls who spent time being mentored by female managers and engineers. The objective is to motivate young ladies to be driven for success despite their background.


Youth Empowerment and Employment Creation

The business took a deliberate efforts to support young entrepreneurs and start-ups through partnering and sponsoring internet connectivity worth over $50,000 to 3 start-up hubs in Harare and Bulawayo. A deliberate effort to create jobs for young people has also seen the company creating jobs where the youths are employed as Brand Ambassadors across the country, giving them an opportunity to explore the world of work as well as earn a living. Through its infrastructure projects, TelOne also creates jobs within the project communities.