Ka Band

Ka band satellite delivers a similar service to C band. Ka band solutions are able to mitigate adverse weather conditions and maintain a high level of reliability with its high throughput capability.

Ka Band Business Packages

Package Data Allowance Download/Upload Speed Price ($)
ZIM Business 2000 50Gb 2048/512 258.00
ZIM Business 4000 75Gb 4096/1024 433.00
ZIM Business 6000 125Gb 6144/1536 687.00
ZIM Business 10000 250Gb 10264/2048 993.00
ZIM Business 15000 300Gb 15360/2560 1414.00
ZIM Business Uncapped Unlimited 1024/512 732.00

One off equipment cost from as low as $721 Flexible terms available (up to 6 months to pay*)

*Terms and conditions apply.