TelOne is currently going through a network modernization project under which the company is migrating all its services to new digital technology from the previous legacy technology. This migration has been called the ‘Era of Convergence’. The migration will usher in new capabilities that will allow customers to enjoy more modern services from TelOne. The exciting range of services include enhanced crystal clear voice, faster internet speeds, Internet TV, Interactive Voice Response Services, video and tele-conferencing, toll free services as well as prepaid voice. The migration is resulting in changes in the area codes as well as individual telephone numbers.
Visit our self-service portal on: https://selfservice.telone.co.zw/ and click on Login. Username: Telephone number Password: Can be retrieved on the initial receipt from TelOne when the application for service was done or alternatively from any Telone Client service centre.
Prepaid Billing means that TelOne landlines are now paid in advance before user can make calls. Prepaid voice recharge vouchers are available at TelOne Client Service Centres, TM Pick n Pay, OK, Bon Marche, Choppies, GetCash and NetOne shops nationwide in $1, $2, $5, $10, $20 and $100 denominations. To recharge Dial 216 on your TelOne Landline and follow the simple voice prompts; 1. Press 1 for Account Recharge 2. Press 2 for Balance Enquiry 3. Press 3 for Validity period You can also recharge through the TelOne self-service portal http://selfservice.telone.co.zw/
The landline numbers will change to include an added prefix to the existing number with the inclusion of a new area code. To avoid inconveniences, the old and new telephone numbers will work simultaneously for three months from date of migration.
Residential and Corporate customers can contact our 24 hour Contact Centre on our Tollfree number 950 from any TelOne landline, or 04 700950 from any other network, via whatsapp platform on 0718700950 and email: clientservices@telone.co.zw You can also live chat with our support agents via the website www.telone.co.zw Corporates can also get hold of the Corporate Support Team on: (04) 798111 • Ray Konje ext 2843 • Innocent Mafukidze ext 2021 • Tichaona Manjengwa ext 2845 • Tinashe Chiroodza ext 2844 • Charity Chigwada ext 2833 OR the Direct Line 790101
The upgrading process is ongoing and TelOne is notifying customers for specific migrated areas on an on-going basis. The notifications are being done via sms, email and physical engagements and flyers at each customer premise.
You are still renting the line since it has yet to be recovered from you.
By applying for the service through TelOne. Application forms are available on this website.
Yes, bills are supposed to be paid monthly. Sometimes delivery challenges cause delays in bills reaching you on time. You can also visit our website to check on your bills or call a Customer Service office near you. Please ensure we have your email address for easy delivery monthly.
Yes, you keep the same telephone number. ADSL Broadband uses same line as your existing landline.
Yes you can. On our Broadband platform you can upgrade or downgrade to any package of your choice. On your next recharge, simply pay for the package you wish to migrate to.
You can recharge from the comfort of your home by visiting: https://www.selfservice.telone.co.zw/ or you can visit any one of our distributors nationwide (OK, Bon Marche and CBZ.
For technical support, billing or enquiries please call our 24 hour Contact Centre on toll free (from landlines) 950 and (04) 700950 from other networks.
This means your ADSL Broadband data package has been exhausted. Simply top-up your ADSL Broadband and start to email, browse, chat, play and watch using TelOne ADSL Broadband.
At any TelOne Client Service Centre nationwide.
All lines should call anywhere in the world and if there are difficulties it could be caused by a temporary fault along the way which could be outside Zimbabwe or within.
Currently TelOne ADSL supports Access speeds of up to 4Mbps for the downstream depending on the package selected.
Web browsing averages out at around 10MB/hour (Megabytes per hour). A single streamed broadband music video is around 13MB. Playing an online game like Counterstrike is around 10-12MB/hour. Listening to one hour of online radio is around 18MB/hour. Watching a streamed broadband video for one hour is around 150MB/hour. Email is generally very small, 300 emails use around 2MB, but if you add spam and emails with virus attachments this can rise to say 6MB for 300 emails.
The ADSL Broadband service offers speeds that are pegged up to a certain threshold which may vary depending on the time of day that one is browsing. Normally clients will experience higher browsing speeds during off-peak hours.
You only need a splitter if you are using your line for both voice calls and ADSL but if you are using it for ADSL only you do not need a splitter.
Yes, you can purchase a modem that is capable of wireless access. Alternatively you can get a switch to share the bandwidth on the modem.
Please refer to our tariffs on our website, www.telone.co.zw.
You can recharge from the comfort of your home by visiting: https://www.selfservice.telone.co.zw/ or you can visit any one of our distributors nationwide (OK, Bon Marche and CBZ among others.
Though a product is termed unlimited TelOne sets a fair use limit as to their discretion of service provision. The Fair Use Limit may be adjusted from time to time. Visit https://www.telone.co.zw/termsandconditions .
Visit https://selfservice.telone.co.zw/ and go to the left side of your screen were it says Top-Up account, input your telephone number as the username and the voucher pin and click on top-up, Verify account details and proceed to recharge. The batch number may be requested when recharging, get that from the scratch card and top-up.
Please contact our Call Centre on 950 (onnet calls), 04700950 (offnet calls) or alternatively reach us on our Social Media Platforms Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Whatsapp (0718700950) with the ZESA meter number, transaction reference number , amount paid and the method of payment details.
Please contact our Call Centre on 950 (onnet calls), 04700950 (offnet calls) or alternatively reach us on our Social Media Platforms Facebook, Skype, Twitter and Whatsapp (0718700950) with the Broadband number, transaction reference number, amount paid and the method of payment details.
• The WiFi password be constantly changed. • The SSID be restricted from broadcasting ( select the hide broadcast option on WIFI configuration settings) hence the customer will then log on to their WiFi as and when they desire, this also eliminates the possibility of other people logging into the customer’s account. • The ADSL modem be switched off when not in use or when living the premises. • A final solution if all other options fail would be to opt for an unlimited package or upgrade to next available package

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