C Band

With Satellite Broadband from TelOne, there is no reason not to get connected. As the best Internet Service Provider in Zimbabwe, whatever your requirements and wherever you are, we have a package at a price that will suit you. 

C-Band is less susceptible to rain fade, where the signal is absorbed by water in rain or heavy clouds, and so will usually stay online during normal rainfall.

C Band VSAT Tariffs

Bandwidth (Kb/s) Dedicated (RTGS) Shared (RTGS)
64 $1,717.70 $153.41
128 $3,435.40 $304.78
256 $6,870.81 $571.47
512 $13,741.61 $821.97
1024  $27,483.26 $2,285.83
2048  $54,966.49 $4,571.85