Understanding Digital Entertainment On Demand

Understanding Digital Entertainment On Demand

What is DEOD?

DEOD is Digital Entertainment on Demand and is the first converged online television service to launch in Africa, offering a mix of On Demand Subscription content (TV Series), Linear TV Channels (News) and Pay-per-view rentals of the latest cinema releases (movies).

How to Register?

  1. Visit https://zw.deod.tv/ .
  2. Click Register
  3. Enter in your email address and preferred Password.
  4. Click on Accept Terms and Conditions
  5. Click on Accept DEOD Communication (Optional)
  6. Check your Email for an Activation Email and Click on the Link to Activate your Account.


Can I access the DEOD service on my Mobile Phone?

The DEOD service can be downloaded from any Android or Apple IOS device.


DEOD Packages






DEOD Premium





On Demand











DEOD Movies

TVOD HD Current= $3                                   TVOD SD Current = $2.50

TVOD HD Library = $1.75                               TVOD SD Library = $1.50


Methods of Payment?

  1. TelOne
  2. PayPal
  3. Eco Cash
  4. Tele-Cash