TelOne Introduces ‘Alert Me’ Service; More Choice and Convenience for Clients

TelOne Introduces ‘Alert Me’ Service; More Choice and Convenience for Clients

TelOne has introduced ‘Alert Me’ service for all their broadband customers, where customers will now be able to receive updates on their data balance and get reminders for recharging. This is coming as part of the continuous improvement of customer experience by the company.

The ‘Alert Me’ service will see customers being aware and having more control of their bundle usage while avoiding the inconvenience of unexpected service disconnection. It is an optional service for which customers can register to receive the notifications and can opt out if they no-longer desire the notifications.

The service has been designed to provide a two factor notification system. Customers can receive notifications via the web and through short message services (SMS). Customers will be regularly updated on their usage via the web each time they are logged in, while the sms notification system provide notifications to clients in the following instances;

  • When a customer has consumed 50% of the bundle
  • When a customer has consumed 90% of the bundle
  • The last five days to the bundle expiry date
  • After exhausting one’s bundle, the alert me service send reminders to clients on the first, fifth and fifteenth day after bundle has expired

To register for the Alert me service, simply; 

  1. Visit the TelOne Self-service portal (
  2. Click on subscribe to notifications 
  3. Enter your mobile number, account/Landline number and email address
  4. Click on subscribe