TelOne Prepaid Billing

TelOne Prepaid Billing

More flexibility with TelOne Prepaid Billing 
TelOne pre-paid billing being introduced under the on-going modernisation project has been met with excitement in the more than 54 areas that have already been migrated to this new system. The new system allows customers to define their desired spent, check their balance and top-up at any given time in three easy steps.
 The prepaid billing which is now over two months in some areas has enabled clients to manage what they spend on their communication as they no longer get end of month bills. 

Benefits of Prepaid Billing
Customers can enjoy the convenience that comes along with prepaid billing which include;
•    Easy access to recharge cards; besides all TelOne Client Service centers, recharge cards are available from Zimpapers vendors, TM Pick n’ Pay, Choppies, OK stores among other distributors. Vouchers are also now available online via the TelOne website on the self-service portal.
•    No surprise bills at the end of the month.
•    Customers have the option of checking their voice balance and to monitor usage.
•    Users can now set up interactive voice response services
•    Customers have more control over their bills, making it easier to control spending by limiting debt and controlling usage.
•    Recharge card denominations from $1 to $100 cater for all customer segments.

How to Recharge Using a TelOne Prepaid Voice Voucher
 The voice prepaid platform has interactive response capabilities. To recharge one’s account simply dial 216 on your landline and follow the voice prompts:
1.    Press 1 for Account Recharge 
2.    Press 2 for Balance Enquiry
3.    Press 3 for Validity period

Prepaid voice recharge vouchers are available at TelOne Client Service centres across the country in $1, $2 $5, $10, $20 and $100 denominations.

The Pre-paid billing is coming as part of the TelOne network modernization project under the broader National Broadband Project. The process entails a nationwide upgrade, and this will result in the modification of area codes. The modification of area codes will see TelOne providing a wider range of services that will change how people connect and bring Zimbabweans everywhere even more closely together guaranteeing that customers get more from their landline.

Upgrading the network means that customers will be able to enjoy; 
•    Enhanced crystal clear voice
•    Faster internet speeds
•    Internet TV
•    Interactive Voice Response Services 
•    Video and tele-conferencing
•    Toll free service

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