TelOne Officially Launches $4million State-Of-The-Art Data Centre

TelOne Officially Launches $4million State-Of-The-Art Data Centre

TelOne has launched a $4million TelOne Data Centre which is a sub-project of the National Broadband (NBB) Project under the $98 million China Exim Bank facility. TelOne is in the process of transforming its business model from a fixed landline provider to a broadband-based business. The transformation will see TelOne becoming a fixed mobile converged company with emphasis on broadband, cloud and digital services.


Government institutions, parastatals and Industry players like banks and other big data corporations are some of the entities who can enjoy the services offered at the TelOne Data Centre that include co-location, disaster recovery, back-up and storage, bandwidth rental and a diversity of cloud services.

Individuals and small to medium enterprises can also enjoy the variability of services which include web hosting and rack space rental. 

View the informational video on: Introducing the TelOne Data Center