Connecting everyone everywhere, as the TelOne vision outlines is fast becoming a reality with continuous expansion of services to areas previously under served. As the TelOne current campaign has exhibited, TelOne has shown its capacity to connect its customers everywhere in many ways, a fit that has continued to see the company leading the pack.


TelOne’s Public Wi-Fi, is the fastest growing internet service for users on the go. It has continued to attract more users owing to the amazing speeds offered at the lowest price. Currently being offered in 3 packages $1 for 1Gb, $2 for 2Gb and $5 for 6Gb, the service has remained the most affordable at almost 90% lower than other providers.


The lower prices have driven the uptake of the product and the consequent need to venture into residential areas where users can now enjoy the service in their locality without incurring extra transport costs.


Our clients can now enjoy the unparalleled service in the new areas that include:


  • Warren Park TelOne Exchange
  • Hatfield TelOne Exchange
  • Chitungwiza TelOne Exchange
  • Mabvuku - Kamunhu shops
  • Kuwadzana TelOne exchange
  • Avondale TelOne Exchange



These new sites are coming to enhance the reach of the service which is already in high traffic areas in most cities and towns including markets, termini, food courts, university campus and residential flats. The roll-out is continuing and our clients in other high density residential areas in the major cities can look out for the service soon to be rolled-out as the company drives to reach a target of 300 sites by year end.


Affordability and Accessibility the game changers….


Affordability has become a major barrier to Internet access and adoption as many users are limited to using costly mobile services that lack the quality and efficiency of high-speed broadband. TelOne’s Public Wi-Fi has been designed to address the issue of affordability and quality coupled together with accessibility by both the formal and informal sectors of the economy as well as students and other users on the go.


TelOne has invested heavily in rolling out more hotspots right where communities live, work, play or transit. This move will allow more individuals to be connected for improved access to educational materials and healthcare information and services, entertainment, employment creation opportunities, access to markets and increase in productivity and efficiency for small businesses.





Enjoy internet service today using TelOne Public WiFi…


Job searching or application? Connecting with friends and family? Keeping up to date with news and information from across the globe? Downloading your favourite music, series or movies?: TelOne Public WiFi is now closer for all to get connected.


How to connect to TelOne Public WiFi

1. To connect to TelOne Wi-Fi on your device, view available wireless networks and select “TelOne Wi-Fi”.

2. Launch your internet browser. You will be automatically redirected to the TelOne Wi-Fi portal.

3. Purchase a TelOne Wi-Fi voucher and scratch the card to reveal a 13 character voucher P.I.N. and enter in the recharge P.I.N. field.

4. Accept terms and conditions of accessing TelOne Wi-Fi network

5. Enjoy browsing.