Introducing TelOne Talk+; One number, multiple devices and worldwide reach

Introducing TelOne Talk+; One number, multiple devices and worldwide reach

TelOne has unveiled a new product TelOne Talk+, a Voice over Internet Service (VoIP), with the capability of unifying communication across platfoms like telephone, mobile and social media platforms. TelOne Talk+ is set to revolutionalise the telecommunications space in Zimbabwe as a first homegrown Over The Top (OTT) service which is coming as a value added service to TelOne customers and all Zimbabweans.

With TelOne Talk+ users are now able to make voice calls, instant messaging, video calling and conference calling for free with other TelOne Talk+ users and for a very competitive rate across networks. With the same virtual 08688 number, which is usable on any mobile device, PC, Laptop or tablet, users can be reachable locally and across the globe with no roaming charges.


What is Talk Plus?

TelOne Talk+ is a unified communication platform that allows you to make voice calls, instant messaging, video calling and conference calling. Users have one virtual number, which is assigned online on registration, which allows one to be reached locally and internationally. The TelOne Talk+ Number, enables TelOne Talk+ users to call over the internet from wherever they are in the World at low calling rates. It is suitable for business and social communications.

The TelOne Talk + number can be linked to more than one device meaning there are no missed as all synced devices will ring simultaneously. People with no 3G or broadband can still call and reach a Talk+ on the virtual number even when the receiver is not in Zimbabwe. While free to other Talk+ numbers, the calling rates to other networks are the same for both local and international calls, saving users upto 40%.


 How does one get connected to Talk+?

  • Simply log onto the Talk+ website and click register.
  • Enter your phone number; you will receive a validation code via sms.
  • Make sure you fill in all the required fields
  • Enter your preferred TelOne Talk+ login details.
  • Choose preferred package, payment option and device option.
  • Check summary to make sure your information is correct and click finish.
  • Pay for your subscription and you will receive your TelOne Talk+ password via email and sms.
  • Login to your profile to view your account details.   
  • Download Skype for Business.
  • Buy your Calling Card and enjoy TelOne Talk+.


Why sign up for Talk+?

One virtual number from TelOne Talk+ enable you to call all local networks and TelOne Talk+ numbers from wherever you are in the world. TelOne Talk+ allows you to make voice calls, instant messaging, video calls and conference calling. Other benefits include:

  • 1 Number, Multiple Devices, Worldwide Reach!         

With TelOne Talk+ you are able to use multiple devices with the same number. This means all these devices can ring at the same time and it’s up to you to decide which device to answer your call on. Devices include smart phones, tablets, laptops, and desktop computers


  • Make Local Zimbabwean Network Phone Calls

In addition to TelOne Talk+’s ability to do IM, video calls, audio calls, web conferencing, you can also call your contacts on local mobile network numbers while saving over 40%


  • Get your calling Freedom back - Low local calling rates

With TelOne Talk+’s low local calling rates you will once again be free to call instead of opting to text all the time. TelOne Talk+ calling rates can save you up to 40% in local calling rates

large_talkplus one.png


  • Virtually visit family and friends with TelOne Talk+ Video   Conferencing

You can have virtual meetings with TelOne Talk+ video conferencing. One can conduct family meetings via HD video conference with all relatives in the US, UK, SA, Canada and be able to add another relative to the conference who is only reachable on her Econet, Telecel, NetOne or TelOne telephone number.


  • Free TelOne Talk+ to TelOne Talk+ and TelOne Talk+ to Skype Calls

Yes with TelOne Talk+ you can call your family and friends on TelOne Talk+ for free via IM, video, web, and audioconferencing. You can even call anyone on Skype worldwide. free


  • On the Go UC Lifestyle Communication

You can transfer a TelOne Talk+ video conference call to your Econet, Telecel or NetOne cellphone so you can be on the go while continuing the conversation without hanging up.


  • Simultaneous Ring Feature

This TelOne Talk+ feature allows you to add a number or any network and allow it to ring together with your other TelOne Talk+ devices whenever someone calls you on TelOne Talk+. This works like multiple extensions where the ring stops when you pick up the call on any of these devices including yourregular cell phone if you added it for simultaneous ring. This feature also allows you to be reachable when you do not have internet access because your cell phone number would continue to receive TelOne Talk+ calls.


  • Save time with Enhance Presence

This feature shows you whether your contact is available, busy, in a meeting, on a call, or away. This saves you time and allows you to manage how you decide to contact them.

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  • Your worldwide TelOne Talk+ Virtual Number

When you sign up to TelOne Talk+ you are assigned a virtual local number that can be dialed from any networkworldwide. The advantage is that anyone can reach you on your local number to reach you while overseas withoutcalling international rates be itekhaya/kumusha.


  • Multi-party Conferencing - Reach People that are Offline

With multi-party conferencing TelOne Talk+ allows you hold a video conference with people in different locations in the world, including those on Skype; while alsobeing able to add Gogo inGwanda who is only reachable on her local mobile or TelOne number.


  • Search for and be found by people on Skype worldwide

Within TelOne Talk+ you can directly search for any of your contacts on Skype and they can also add you to their contacts by using your TelOne Talk+ handle as your


  • Dial-in Conferencing allows you to connect whether you are Online or Offline

Participate in your business or family conferences even if you are offline with TelOne Talk+ Dial-in conferencing capabilities. This feature allows you to join a video conference while you are offline and talking to participants via voice while the rest of the participants can see each other on HD video.


  • No more Roaming for International Travellers

When travelling abroad there is no need to get a local number as long as you have access to high speed broadband, you can continue to receive calls on your virtual number. Your business partners and family members can always reach you and you can always make local calls without roaming charges.


How do I register for this service?

large_talkplus 3.jpg                                      large_talkplus 4.jpg

New Talk+ subscribers register for service at the official Talk+ launch held recently in Harare


To register visit Registration is also only being done at the following selected  TelOne Shops.

•Client Experience : 04 700950/950 (Toll Free)

•Joina City: 04 755060, 04 710070/1

•Borrowdale: 04 886350/04 886363

•Chitungwiza: 027 031902

•Bulawayo: 09 86685

•Gweru: 054 230619

Email: talk


*TelOne Talk+ works with any high speed internet connection One Number Multiple devices, World-wide reach. TelOne Talk+ functions with high speed internet connection.