About Wholesale

Leveraging on our partnerships with regional and international operators and upstream bandwidth providers, we offer a full suite of carrier-grade wholesale telecom products and services for nationwide carriers, as well as white label solutions for businesses. We are committed to improving the future of our clients’ businesses by delivering efficient and cost effective solutions underpinned by adequate network redundancy.

Our shareholding in West Indian Ocean Cable Company (WIOCC) makes us the only Zimbabwean operator with direct ownership of an undersea cable. This ownership has opened up access to Internet bandwidth with sufficient capacity to cater for the entire country’s requirements.

When you ride on us as Zimbabwe’s leading telecommunications services wholesaler, you can take full advantage of all the opportunities coming your way. We offer solutions over copper, satellite and fibre optic systems, as we deliver innovative, profitable and sustainable services and solutions to our clients. We also continuously strive to deliver great service and innovation, and are committed to the national drive for infrastructure sharing and growth in broadband provision at affordable prices to the nation. Our product offerings are engineered to bring you greater flexibility and a variety of complementary services.

Today, it is critical that you have a service you trust and you can rely on that will not hold you back. When partnering with us, you can be sure of a national network with global connectivity, the latest technologies to accelerate your own innovation. Combined with a robust and resilient network, our products give your customers the level of connectivity, service and reliability they demand. Whether you run an extensive network or a niche service, you can rely on us to bring all the necessary pieces together and work tirelessly behind the scenes so you can focus on what you do best – looking after your customers.

With a range of access technologies, we have the ideal solutions to meet your requirements and budget, in the same vain, realising our Vision of ensuring “Connectivity for everyone, everywhere in Zimbabwe by 2020”.