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Connecting everyone everywhere, as the TelOne vision outlines is fast becoming a reality with continuous expansion of services to areas previously under served. As the TelOne current campaign has exhibited, TelOne has shown its capacity to connect its customers everywhere in many ways, a fit that has continued to see the company leading the pack.

TelOne Offers Free Unlimited Calling

TelOne has unveiled an exciting feature to the voice service. TelOne landline home users can now make free unlimited calls to other TelOne landlines between 6pm and 6am on Mondays through to Friday. This service will only be available to fully paid-up clients. Through this offer, TelOne clients can now enjoy over 300 hours of free talk time every month.

Introducing 08688, TelOne's VoIP Network

TelOne has introduced VoIP service adding to its service offering to become a fully fledged universal telecommunications service provider offering solutions for an array of customer needs. The VoIP service has been introduced to enhance flexibility for a variety of customer needs.

TelOne Broadband efficient for Online Streaming

Broadband is revolutionising online activities everywhere for businesses, social interaction and entertainment. Faster speed connections now enable new services, including internet-TV and video on demand, across home, business and public life. Internet-based content allows consumers to enjoy what they want and when they want it.