SHDSL Business

SHDSL Broadband

SHDSL is an acronym that stands for Symmetrical High-speed Digital Subscriber line. This is a last mile solution offered through the copper medium capable of transmitting the same data rate in both directions. The advantage of this capability is that corporate customers and SMEs can host mission critical applications at their premises that can be accessed from the internet or remotely without throttling the movement of data in either direction. Examples of such services are web servers, ERP services, video conferencing and other cloud computing services. The customer gets a static IP address (network or device identity) from Tel•One for such services and networks to be published on the internet. 

The connection requires an SHDSL modem connected to either 2-wire or 4-wire copper cable that terminates on the serving network equipment. SHDSL service can span a range of 7KM radius within the serving broadband Point of Presence (PoP). The service can achieve 2Mbps speeds using two-wire copper lines.
The speeds can be doubled by employing 4-wire copper lines to achieve an aggregate transfer rate of 4Mbps.

Unlike ADSL, SHDSL does not allow users to make calls on the same line connected to the SHDSL modem. Customers are encouraged to dedicate one of their telephones lines for this service or apply for a new telephone line from Tel•One.

SHDSL is ideal for small to medium enterprises. Visit in store for more details.