TelOne Centre for Learning

Telone boasts of an internationally recognized Centre for learning a in the form of a training college that offers Diploma and Certificate studies in Information and Communication Technology (ICT). The institute’s main mandate from its inception in the 1950’s, was to offer training to the organization’s employees as well as to individual and corporate customers. In 2002, it was certified as one of Southern Africa Development Committee (SADC) Centers of Excellence by the Southern Africa Transport and Communications Commission (SATCC), thereby enabling it to offer training services to the SADC region at large.
The College runs a mixed mode system of training in all the regions in Zimbabwe and offer online courses for students living outside Harare. CFL is also affiliated to the Computer Society of Zimbabwe (CSZ) and an accredited ICDL training centre. This means that CFL is licensed to offer ICDL tuition and tests, in liaison with CSZ. The College places premium on distant learning for ICDL and other short courses, utilizing blended learning which mixes physical campus learning with virtual institutions in educating and training its students. To view the available training courses visit: